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Being aware that the Netherlands are open to all kind of nationalities and beliefs, either by free choice or by unfortunate circumstances which made it necessary to find refuge, I hereby wish to emphasize that depth psychology, based on Jungian Analysis, can be very helpful to refind one's own roots and inner calling, even after severe trauma. Especially since the origin of Jungian Analysis lies in the universal roots of mankind from the very beginning on.


Finding truth in the good and the bad have been questions during the entire evolution of mankind. Religion (all ), Spirituality and Art have often symbolised the need for consolation of the soul.

Universal symbols concerning good and bad have never stopped to pop up from the unconscious. Both personal as collectiv. Through creativity, dreamwork, body awareness, active imagination and analysis Jungian therapy may be helpful for you to open up what lies hidden and desires to be heard. To find meaning into what came to your life, whereas bitterness leads so often only to more grief, feelings of separation/ isolation and mourning.

Anyone who feels the urge to go deeper and wishes to find his treasures hidden, or he/ she who wishes the wounds to be healed, is invited to contact me.



Best regards, Tannie Willemstijn,












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